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Girl gets beat up by guy

Punch after punch, the entire assault was caught on cellphone cameras by bystanders. The video was obtained exclusively by WPTV. As it continues, not a single witness steps in to help her. Deputies also say the fight may have sparked from comments on social media. Deputies said there is a social media app that allows people to make anonymous comments. They believe the girl who threw the punches thought the victim was spreading rumors about her. However, investigators do not believe the victim posted any anonymous comments.

The family just moved to Martin County not too long ago, and the victim has only been a student inside Martin County Public Schools for about one week. Why would they pick on someone like her? Martin County deputies arrested the year-old suspect, but Martin County Sheriff William Snyder says since no bones were broken, she could only be charged with misdemeanor battery. School police were notified of the incident and offered to separate the girls as much as possible from one another during the school year.

I mean, [my daughter] is going to need help. According to Sheriff Snyder, technically there are no criminal repercussions for the kids who stood by and did nothing. But that does not mean they are off the hook. Sheriff Snyder says they have a different video of the fight than the one obtained by Contact 5.

He says their video shows the suspect going back again to attack the victim after our video ends. The reason cited was that for repeat violence, Florida law requires two incidents by the respondent, one within six months of filing. I have to wait for her to get attacked again in order to file a restraining order? What are they waiting for? So if there was harassment in class, through social media things like that. News Region Martin County. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Girl beats up year-old classmate while friends record assault in Stuart.

Investigators say it was a set up. On Sunday, a year-old girl was lured to Manatee Cove Park in Stuart so her year-old classmate could attack her. By: Merris Badcock,Tory Dunnan.

Girl beats up 13-year-old classmate while friends record assault in Stuart

Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.At least five girls take part in the minute attack in which Naomi Johnson is punched repeatedly in the head, dragged by her hair and stamped on. This sickening footage shows a year-old girl getting badly beaten by her so-called friends after they lured her to a sleepover. She struggles to get away from the vicious bullies who take turns to hurt her. They later posted the attack on Twitter in a bid to ridicule the youngster even further.

The footage starts with one girl dressed in a pink top pushing the girl, but it gets worse with all five attacking her while she lays helplessly on the floor attempting to shield her face. They have taken her out of school and are suing the parents of the child who hosted the sleepover.

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The footage has been handed over to police in Alaska, where the attack took place in July, but none of the girls have been charged. Naomi's dad Wayne told Fox 4 : "I'm trying not to get in a rage just talking about it. Naomi added: "Things are just different now, I don't go to school, I don't hang out with my other friends.

Her parents have also expressed anger that the matter has still not been dealt with, more than four months on. A statement from Anchorage Police Department said they were "aware of a disturbing video that depicts a juvenile female being assaulted in a garage by several other female juveniles.

It read: "The incident was first reported to APD on July 26,and an investigation was initiated. Subscriptions Sign Out. By Kelly-Ann Mills.

White Dude Beating Up A Black Girl Gets A Reality Check When 3 Guys Step In!

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The man was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for a broken eye socket and cuts to his face. The four women were arrested at the scene on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm, violent disorder and affray. A British Transport Police spokesman told Metro. If you have a story for our news team, email us at webnews metro.

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March 6, pm Updated March 7, am. Police were questioning five suspects and have a motive in the vicious mob beating of a year-old girl on a Brooklyn street, law enforcement sources said Friday. Cops were grilling the teenage boys in Crown Heights Friday after a group of teens savagely attacked the girl Thursday — as retaliation for a fight she got into earlier in the day, according to the sources.

The caught-on-camera beating unfolded after the girl allegedly beat up another girl earlier in the day at school, according to the sources. The group of teenage attackers were allegedly friends with the girl who the victim had tussled with, law enforcement sources said.

Stunning surveillance footage video shows the teens — many of them boys — storming the girl, jumping on her and stomping on her head as she lay helplessly on the sidewalk.

One of the teens then snatched the Air Jordans off her feet before the group bolted, according to cops and the footage. The five boys turned themselves in with their parents earlier Friday, according to a law enforcement source. Their names and ages were not immediately clear and no charges have been filed as of early Saturday morning.

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girl gets beat up by guy

Video length 43 seconds 'Let's go! More Stories. New York Post Would you like to receive desktop browser notifications about breaking news and other major stories? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.By Ollie Gillman For Dailymail. A gang of teenage girls lured a year-old 'friend' to a sleepover only to beat her up and post a sickening video of the minute attack online. Cell phone footage shows at least five girls dragging Naomi Johnson on to the floor, hitting her over the head and stamping on her during the savage assault.

Naomi can be seen struggling to escape as the girls pummel her for a full ten minutes in the video, which the cruel perpetrators later posted on Twitter to ridicule their victim. The beating took place in July and police have seen the footage - but none of the girls involved have been charged. Meanwhile, their school, in Anchorage, Alaska, has refused to take action. Shocking cell phone footage shows at least five girls dragging Naomi Johnson on to the floor lefthitting her over the head right and stamping on her during a savage minute assault.

Naomi pictured now said her life has changed drastically since the attack and she was taken out of school by her parents. The horrific beating took place in July and police have seen the footage above - but none of the girls have been charged by police or suspended by their school. The footage shows the girls ganging up on Naomi and dragging her to the ground by her hair before smacking her over the head as she tries to wrestle herself free.

Another girl then approaches and starts stamping on Naomi in what her parents are calling a 'life-changing' attack. Later in the video, which was taken by a friend of one of the assailants, the victim appears to have given up trying to defend herself and is seen curled up in the middle of the room as four girls kick and hit her head and body.

One young boy half-heartedly intervenes by dragging one of the attackers away but does not stop the others from continuing the ferocious beating. He only holds back the teenager for a few moments before letting her go, and appears to be laughing as she runs back and plants a hard kick to Naomi's ribs.

Guy gets beat up for talking junk *Must Watch*

She was left emotionally damaged too and her parents Wayne and Monica have taken her out of school. I don't got to school. One young boy left appears to intervene only to drag one of the attackers away but does not stop the others from continuing the ferocious beating. Police were told about the incident on July 26 and were provided with the video two weeks later but have not charged any of the girls.

Anchorage Police Department said in a statement that it has seen the 'disturbing' footage and that an investigation is still ongoing.

girl gets beat up by guy

Police would not name any of the teenagers under investigation because they are juveniles. Names of the alleged attackers have circulated on social media but they have not been verified.

Naomi's parents took her out of the public school after it refused to suspend any of the girls allegedly involved because they go to classes on different days to the victim, Fox 4 reported. This came after the schoolgirl was allegedly sent a death threat by one of the girls, who is aged just Father Wayne Johnson said: 'She's got threats coming into her school from the girl - her ex-best friend who set her up in the first place - that next time she's going to stab her and kill her.

Mother Monica Johnson added: 'Her whole life changed, with school, with everything and at one point I was thinking maybe we should just leave [the town]. Maybe it would help her to start new. Mr Johnson is now suing party host Deanna Kirgis, who, according to a lawsuit seen by The Daily Beastwas at her home in Anchorage when Naomi was assaulted.

Kirgis admits that 'a slumber party for a small number of 14 to year-old girls occurred at her home', her lawyer said.

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However, she denies failing to stop the alleged attack and says she did not provide the girls with alcohol. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Argos AO. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Viedo shows Naomi Johnson being beat up by gang of teenage girls e-mail 2k.Video of the attack shows the young white girl sitting on a bench as a group of black teens repeatedly punch and kick her head. The victim tries to block the blows with her hand, but never retaliates. A teen in Australia was brutally attacked by a gang of eight girlsThe gang posted their videos of the beating on Snapchat to show off to their peers. She reportedly suffered broken ribs, black eyes, a swollen temple and bruises all over her body.

However, according to local news sources, the teenager is afraid there will be retribution if she presses charges against the group. Where is your report newscomauHQ? What's the matter? Her skin the wrong color? You have no integrity and provoke naught but intense disgust. Imagine how the media would react if this was a bunch of white kids beating up some defenseless young black woman. I'd find it disturbing either way. This website uses cookies. Read RT Privacy policy to find out more.

Where to watch. RT Shop. RT Question more. Home World News. Get short URL. Follow RT on. A hideous assault on a teenage girl in Melbourne sparked outrage, as footage of the stomach-churning attack spread across social media. The victim is reportedly too afraid to press charges against her assailants.

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girl gets beat up by guy

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